The President of Demon City Marketing Group, Calvin Gribble has a special passion for wanting to see businesses succeed.  Not only is he a business owner, but he also has 50 years of experience in boxing and karate as a competitor, coach, and gym owner. He also has 23 years in the entertainment industry as part of a management team of one of Las Vegas' major hotels and arenas. He was one of the team players responsible for the success in major sporting events, live award shows, major concerts, and conventions.  

    Mr. Gribble has teamed up with ShaRhod Demon Williams and Antonieyo City to form the Demon City Marketing Group.  Using multiple marketing tools that are needed in today's business industry is what they bring to the table. Mr. Gribble's formula of success is combining his old-school marketing strategies with today's digital and social media techniques specialized by the much younger Mr. Williams and Mr. City.

    Pricing: Marketing:$1,600/mth (Guarantee of min. 16 new members.)

                Sales: $50/Student (Based on $50 Registration Fee)

                Billing: 10% of what we collect

    Our Goal

    Sit down with us and let's put a plan together to increase your membership.  Success in a business is all about increasing the number of people that know you exist. It is definitely a number's game.  That old cliche of 'If you build it, they will come!" is not an effective marketing strategy in today's digital world. We offer assistance in Marketing, Sales, and Billing.


    We'd love the challenge of increasing your membership. Let's connect.

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